Designs for Furniture Affiliates

Bernhard Rohne’s metal art techniques lend themselves well to everything from covering large surface areas, to serving as accents in furniture pieces of all kinds.

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Etched Zinc Table 1965 – First design that started my art career

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Furniture Fair Frankfurt 1966

Etched & Fire Oxidized Copper Table 1966

Etched Zinc Inlay 1966

Etched Zinc Table with Solder 1966

Oxidized Aluminum 1970

Oxidized Copper Table 1972

Etched; Oxidized Brass Inlay 1972

Oxidized Brass Top 1972

Etched & Oxidized Brass Drawer Chest 1972

Etched & Oxidized Brass 1974

Etched; Oxidized Brass Coffee Table 1975

Etched; Oxidized Brass Trim 1978

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