Musical Score

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Bernhard Rohne’s art pieces are unique, one of a kind objects that have been extensively hand-worked by Bernhard at multiple stages in the process. During their transition from basic sheet metal to finished product, art pieces may undergo various stages of acid etching, chemical oxidizing, hand colouring and extensive hand finishing.   Bernhard’s original design, produced in 1965, was produced as a sample tabletop for Mastercraft Furniture of Grand Rapids, Michigan.   This particular piece is a reproduction which was hand worked by the artist and is number 5 in a series of 15.   Note: reproductions appear similar, but can never be the same, as the background oxidation (colouring) is unique to each individual piece.

“Musical Score” – 24″ x 24″ etched and oxidized brass, #5 of 15, signed: B. Rohne, 1981 / $3,500.00 CDN

Etched and oxidized brass, 1965 – Tabletop sample for MasterCraft Furniture

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